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Table Tipping, also known as Table Turning, Table Tapping, and Table Tilting, dates back to the middle of the 19th century and is one of the oldest types of modern spiritual mediumship. It is referred to as physical mediumship because a physical phenomenon is produced!

Participants gather around a three legged pedestal table while lightly placing their fingertips on the surface focusing on the intention of connecting with spirit energies for the purpose of communication.  This creates an energy circle that raises the vibration in the room and helps connect with invited spirits of the highest light and vibration.  By pushing on the table in response to questions, the spirits can communicate with the people in the group.  The table begins to tip, tremor, move up and down, lift onto one or two legs, slide, dance, etc in response to questions providing answers and giving messages of love and light!

If you are a history buff, keep reading...

Both Spiritualism and Spiritism are belief systems based on the idea that the dead can interact with the living and maintain relationships with them. The main way that Spiritism differs from Spiritualism is in the belief that reincarnation occurs.  All Spiritists are Spiritualists, but not all Spiritualists are Spiritists.  Table Tipping was particularly popular among socialites in Europe and America. It gained popularity in the United States during the Civil War, which cruelly claimed the lives of 750,000 (or 7 million in modern times) people and changed how Americans viewed death. Death-related information was frequently incomplete or inaccurate. These grieving families were able to find the closure that the war had so desperately denied them through spirit circles or seances conducted by skilled mediums via Table Tipping.  They learned that even while our physical bodies pass away, our spirit, or soul, which is the core of who we are, lives on.  Table Tipping continues to be practiced today and is experiencing a resurgence.

Table Tipping with Grandma Backseat Driving

My mom was a very slow and cautious driver and particularly did not like city driving.  Table Tipping confirmation that Grandma, while dancing to her favorite ABBA tunes, is still the same loving, protective and amusing soul in spirit as she was in the physical world!  The table's quick turn to the right signified a "no" response to our question LOL!  FYI my daughter is a very safe driver and has an APP to prove it!  Grandma is just being Grandma...


To receive the maximum benefit on the day of your session, please follow these suggestions:

  • Set an intention to invite family and friends in spirit with whom you’d like to connect to gather close and surround and support you on your journey.  Understand there are no guarantees as to who comes through.

  • Please do not force any unwilling friends or family members to attend a session.  The vibration and energy of the space have a significant impact on how the table moves. Skeptics who are fearful and closed-minded will lower the vibration and potentially lessen everyone's experience.

  • Write down questions prior to your session so you won’t forget to ask them during your reading.

  • Hydrate!  We are made up of water and water acts as a conduit for energy.

  • Do something that “charges your battery” and makes you happy.  Play your favorite music, meditate, dance, etc.  Similar to a battery providing power, these activities increase your vibrational frequency and help you to share your energy with your loved ones who are very excited to work with you!

  • Come with an open mind, an open heart and closed toe shoes!



  • There are no guarantees as to who will come through, so have an open mind to everyone who does.

  • Do not ignore the information that does come through by focusing on hearing from just one person or just one detail or "code word" from a certain person.

  • You might come across information that you are unable to validate right away. Recognize that later on, family or friends may confirm something for you.

  • Spirit may not always give you a direct answer if it interferes with a life lesson that you need to experience.  Most life lessons involve personal growth and are related to compassion, understanding, patience, forgiveness and acceptance.  Spirit will answer you from their perspective which is the intention of being in your highest good.

  • Expect the unexpected!


Since Table Tipping can be a completely new experience for some individuals, I find that my clients usually require 1-3 days to thoroughly process and reflect on their experience.  I advise them to schedule some quiet time for meditation so they can soak it all in.  The most frequent responses include feeling as though a "weight" has been lifted and having a sense of clarity and enlightenment.  Spirit brings in messages and guidance to assist us in letting go of grief and struggles and to encourage us to move forward in our physical lives.  Working with Spirit is a privilege, and my mission is for clients to find comfort, hope, solutions and in many cases life changing information!

if you have any other questions, please, send me a message and I will get back to you asap

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